Firstly, a warm welcome! This website has been far too long in the making.

Much of the work featured here is being shown for the first time (other than to the intended audience).  But I face a limitation I suspect is not uncommon among copywriters. Much of it can't be shared due to client confidentiality. So I try to give an idea of the breadth of what I've done.

Where I can't share the work, I have tried to explain the nature of it. For example, Hernan Gomez at Syngenta supplied a generous testimonial on the What My Clients Say page. He is referring to the best practices we have been capturing for Syngenta's marketing and sales organisation for several years now. I'm very proud of them.

Then there is the article I wrote for an international politician that was published under his byline in The Washington Post. It was an interesting piece on politics in post-war Iraq. I'm also proud of that. But, for obvious reasons, I can't share it.

So while I am proud of the work I am able to share here, I wish I could show you more.

A personal promise

Pride in our work is what makes us all happy doing what we do. I'm proud of what I do and I want to extend that pride to this blog.  So let me start by making a promise: I'll be honest, forthright and, ultimately, myself, here.

I'll be sharing the insights I have discovered about copywriting and communications, but also about writing in general. I hope it will be interesting to look back on these blogs in years to come.

NEXT TIME: Tips on writing awards entries that win